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Think you can beat our energy prices? Beware false economy….

Think you can beat our energy prices? Beware false economy….

We all want the best price for the products our business needs, and that includes energy. But what does “the best price” really mean?  Maybe the price looks low on paper, but do you have the time and expertise to hang on to this low price so it can really benefit your company?

At SavingSmart, we have encountered business owners who have seen the low prices we’ve obtained for them, and then gone directly to the supplier who has quoted a fractionally lower price.  It is completely within the business owner’s rights to accept this new price, but it’s not as simple as that. Of course, our feelings are a little hurt (sniff) but we also hate to see businesses end up out of pocket, which is the likely long-term result.

Businesses that go directly to suppliers may be offered a lower price, but will miss out on the invaluable, free SavingSmart services that you benefit from when you source your energy through us. Our services will probably save you more money than the apparent lower price will.

Bill validation

Businesses that outsource their energy procurement to SavingSmart benefit from our free bill validation service. We check for discrepancies and ensure that the amount of energy you used is the amount you’re being billed for – you’d be surprised by how often bills are wrong. Checking bills yourself can be very time consuming so many businesses just cross their fingers and hope they’re paying the correct amount. However, bill validation can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your energy costs and it’s a service we offer for free. We do not authorise invoices for payment for our larger, multi-site clients until we are completely satisfied that each bill is correct. This allows you to manage your cash-flow more effectively.

Contract termination, renewal and ongoing support

SavingSmart customers also benefit from our free contract services. If you are dealing directly with the supplier, it is your responsibility to know when your contract is up for renewal. If you don’t renew or terminate the contract in time, you will automatically be put into a rolling contract and have to pay very high emergency rates. This is called a deemed tariff and can be as much as double the contract rate you agreed at the outset.

Missing the contract renewal date and ending up on an emergency rate is the most common and also the most costly problem associated with going directly to energy suppliers.

However, SavingSmart’s free contract services mean that we keep track of the dates and make sure our customers are ready to renew in good time so they don’t slip out of contract. In addition, should any supplier, meter or billing issues arise, SavingSmart will resolve them for you, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.

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Going directly to an energy supplier is usually false economy. Suppliers may offer to undercut our rate to secure your custom, but you could easily lose the amount you save (or more) through not having your bills validated, your contract monitored or the benefit of a back-up support service.

If you want to save money on your business energy bills, get in touch today on 01483 600943 or 07909 523855.

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