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Property management companies – are you paying too much for your energy?

Property management companies – are you paying too much for your energy?

SavingSmart works with businesses in a variety of industries, finding the best deals on gas, electricity, communications and merchant services. In this blog, we look at how property management companies could be paying less for their energy, freeing up more money for other areas of their business.

Whether you offer block management or you’re a freeholder of a commercial building, we can help save you money on your energy bills, while also providing you and your residents with clear cost breakdowns.

Save money on energy bills

Of course, the top priority for most property management companies is managing costs. Keeping your own costs down and running apartment blocks as efficiently as possible is going to improve your profits, free up funds to channel into other areas and help your residents make the decision to renew your contracts when the time comes.

SavingSmart can review your energy bills and find you the best price per unit. This service is free for all our clients, including property management companies, and represents a tangible financial saving.

Get that contract

We know that many property management companies are tendering for contracts and competing for block management. You have the best chance of winning the contract if you can offer a lower energy price for heating and lighting communal areas than your competitors can as well as providing an excellent service. Let us source your energy for you – we’ll find the best price and help you show freeholders and resident management committees what great value you offer. In addition, we will validate your bills, resolve any queries and approve revised bills for payment.

Transparency for residents

While residents of apartment blocks expect to pay service charges to their property management company, there’s no need for energy bills to be a source of contention. Once we have validated supplier bills and approved them for payment, you’ll be able to show tenants exactly how much they’re paying for the energy for the communal areas of their block – another opportunity for you to offer your clients an outstanding service.

SavingSmart has already saved property management companies as much as 40% on their energy bills. To find out how much you could save, give me, Gilly Carter, a call today on 07909 523 855 or contact us via our website here.

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