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Procuring mobile phones for corporate communications – what benefits can you expect?

Procuring mobile phones for corporate communications – what benefits can you expect?

The launch of the iPhone X showed us just how keen consumers are to have the latest technology. Social media, online shopping and instant access to our workplace networks mean that our lives and our phones are becoming ever more intertwined: high-quality smartphones are now essential tools for the workplace.

Procuring mobile phone handsets for businesses

SavingSmart became part of this phenomenon when we procured iPhones and iPads for a long-standing property management client. Understanding the demands on their most responsible employees, our client knew they had to provide the most up-to-date technology for their senior team to work efficiently, both in the UK and abroad when required.

SIM cards and data

Providing hundreds of SIM cards as well as over 1000 GB of data a month ensures a much better total price than if employees were to submit their individual phone bills as expenses.

While there is always the option of going straight to a network operator, they rarely offer any service alongside the SIMs, handsets and data, leaving businesses with an additional expense further down the line and no management information. However, SavingSmart can provide a mobile phone support service as well as the data and hardware, all within one contract at a very competitive price.

Providing a managed service for greater control

When companies sign up to procure their mobile phone services through SavingSmart, we take care of everything, leaving your in-house IT department to get on with its core duties. We send SIM cards and handsets to named individuals at your business’ different offices, saving you the hassle of distributing them. We also email every person who will be receiving one, giving them all the information they need to get started, and providing them with a customer service contact in case of difficulties. Additional SIMs and hardware can be delivered to users the same day or the next day at the latest!

Procuring communications services through SavingSmart gives contract managers access to an on-line portal which monitors data and phone use. This provides information on how individuals are using their work phones and warns contract managers of over-use – a key management tool. Reports can be produced to suit the business need. An app can be downloaded to each smartphone, so each user can monitor their own phone and data use.  If required, contract managers can choose to block certain apps and websites to ensure that employees only use their phones for work-related tasks.

Saving you money on corporate communications

When it comes to mobile phones, we are committed to providing the best possible service as well as cost-efficiency. To find out how we could provide an outstanding service at a fair price on your communications contract – whether multiple mobiles or fixed lines – call Gilly Carter at SavingSmart today on 01483 600943 or 07909 523855 or contact us via our website here.



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