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Don’t forget to submit regular electricity and gas meter readings for accurate bills!

Don’t forget to submit regular electricity and gas meter readings for accurate bills!

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TODAY’S TOP TIP IS:  ‘Submit regular meter readings for electricity and gas to ensure accurate billing’.

If you are not on a Smart meter, submit regular meter readings to your energy suppliers.  Meter readings will ensure your bills accurately reflect the amount of energy you have used and therefore you should be correctly charged.

No Meter Readings?

If you don’t submit regular meter readings, the supplier will estimate your usage which will result in a significant under or over-payment.  Also, if you subsequently try to change supplier, your current supplier is likely to object to the transfer until you pay off any outstanding debt.  This can result in you missing your contract renewal date and you will transfer onto emergency rates while you sort out the payment.  Much time, effort and stress is likely to follow!

The supplier will recommend a ‘payment plan’ if you have accumulated a large debt.  Unfortunately this can prevent you from clearing your debt for some time.  In addition you will not be able to change supplier until the end of this plan.  In conclusion, you will pay significantly more for your energy.

However, if you have used less energy than your estimated supplier reading stated on your bill, you should request a refund or an adjustment to your monthly direct debit payment.

The Good News!

The good news is that if you are a client of SavingSmart. you are welcome to submit regular meter readings to us.  As a result we will submit the readings to the suppliers for you.  We can also handle payment amendments for you which saves you having to call your supplier.  This is all part of our service and is available to you free of charge as long as we have managed your energy contract set-up and/or renewals.

Click on this link and fill in the form to contact us  or give us a call on 01483 600943 or 07909 523855.


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